The importance of Marine and IMO safety signs

Working in any kind of environment comes with pros and cons, but some professions are more hazardous than others. To ensure employees are always kept safe, employers need to take every possible measure to ensure that their staff aren’t in harm’s way. In the marine and maritime industry, there are several ways this can be accomplished – marine IMO safety signs are one of them.

What are marine and IMO safety signs?

International Maritime Organisation (IMO) sanctioned signs are similar to posters and SABS signs, but differ in that they are mostly used for businesses and individuals who operate on water, whether across an ocean, sea, lake or river.

These signs come in handy in the case of a fire outbreak or any other kind of disaster. These kinds of signage show people important aspects during a fire, such as the location of safety items (hose reels, fire cabinets etc.) as well as safety points.

Being a sailor is a demanding job that requires one to always be alert. When disaster strikes, they need to be able to act quickly to mitigate the issue or get themselves to safety; marine and IMO safety signs are the perfect solution to help in hazardous situations as they allow sailors to identify safety items and other crucial things when they need to act swiftly.

Types of marine and IMO safety signs

There are so many marine and IMO safety signs available for maritime businesses and domestic sailors to use when disaster strikes. Each sign serves the purpose to help sailors and citizens identify several safety features and locations such as lifeboats, life jackets, life rafts, lifebuoys and rescue boats.

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