Firefighting foams & Powders

We are a leading developer and producer of a wide range of firefighting foams with over 20 years of industry experience. We manufacture foams that carry the most rigorous approvals for safety and performance and we pay special attention ensuring that our products are environmentally friendly while maintaining high extinguishing performance.

We also produce a wide range of firefighting powders for extinguishers. Our powders are considered biodegradable with minimal environmental impact. The powder is not abrasive and non toxic to humans, fish or animals.

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  • Dry Chemical Powder (ABC Class)

    Dry Chemical Powder (ABC Class) are mono ammonium phosphate-based powders that are generally for multipurpose use on Class A, B and C fires. These dry chemical powders comes in 40%, 70% and 90%. SABS APPROVED.

  • Dry Chemical Powder (BC Class)

    Dry Chemical Powder is devided into a ABC Class and a BC Class . This dry chemical powder BC CLASS consists of the Purple K and the SODA BIC.

  • Firechem Firefighting FOAM

    Foam is an aerated solution which is used for fire prevention and firefighting. Foam concentrate is the full strength liquid which is diluted and processed to produce foam. The foam solution is the mixture produced by diluting foam concentrate with water before processing to make foam.

  • Purple K

    Purple K is the  most effective dry chemical in fighting Class B (flammable liquid) fires.

  • Wet Chemical

    Because of their high auto-ignition temperatures, cooking oil fires are difficult to extinguish. In order to extinguish these fires they need to be cooled sufficiently therefore conventional extinguishers are not as effective due to risk of flash back and re-ignition.

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